Removal Instructions

Read and follow all instructions and warnings in this manual before use to avoid risk of serious injury or death.



Read and follow all instructions and warnings before installation or use to avoid personal injury or death.

• Never stand, sit, or ride on Trolley.

• Never exceed 300 lbs maximum load limit in Trolley.

• Always use safety straps. Safety straps must be secured to Trolley prior to transport and to ensure Trolley does not roll out when tailgate is opened.

• Always ensure load in Trolley is uniformly distributed. When Trolley is extended past tailgate, load overhanging tailgate must not exceed 100 lbs.

• Trolley may roll unexpectedly if truck is not level. Load and unload Trolley only when truck is stationary and level.

• Never stand behind loaded Trolley until you are sure the Trolley will not move on its own.

• Always ensure tailgate is closed and Safety Straps secured before operating truck.

• When properly installed, Trolley should not overhang tailgate more than 18” when fully extended.

• Never install cord rail straps on tie-down anchors that are higher than the upright brackets on the Trolley. 

• Never install or use Trolley on trucks without tie-down anchors. 

• Before each use, tighten cord rail straps, cord rail clasps, and Trolley D-Loops, and inspect for wear or damage. Replace any damaged parts. 

• Never use Trolley as a ramp or outside truck bed. 

• Never use Trolley without tailgate.

• Always ensure payload is secure in Trolley.

REMOVAL instructions

For quick removal, cord rails can stay installed in the bed of the truck

Step 1

Disconnect long cord rails from clasp and Trolley back bracket (both driver side and passenger side)

Step 2

Feed long cord rails back through clasp on short cord rails and pull tight so cord rails rest on side of truck bed

Step 3

If you are in the truck bed at this point - Get Out. Place Trolley into truck bed and unfold.

WARNING! Keep hands and fingers clear of pinch points when folding/unfolding.

Step 4

Remove safety straps from truck bed and connect to tie down loops on the Trolley.  This will keep Trolley in folded position and act as a handle to remove/carry Trolley when not in use.