Truck Trolley – TT2201

Truck Trolley – TT2201

Truck Trolley TT-2201 is a lightweight,  revolutionary roller tray system built to improve the utility and convenience of truck beds. 

Keep your gear secure and access easily without the need to crawl into the bed of your truck.  When you want full use of your truck bed, easily remove the Truck Trolley TT-2201 and store.  Designed, engineered and manufactured by professionals in the USA, Truck Trolley TT-2201 is durable and perfect for everyday, lightweight use.  The Truck Trolley utilizes a patented universal tray and strap system  universal to fit any full size pick up with D-loops and adjustable to limit travel in and out of your truck bed for maximum convenience. 


Truck Trolley Details

Install time

  • No tools required
  • Initial install ≤ 2 minutes
  • ≤ 1 minute after cord rails are installed


  • 8” total folded height
  • 4” height from truck bed to top of tray
  • 2.5” height from truck bed to top of center troughs
  • 62.5” total length
  • 47.75” total width


There is some variabilty and adjustability based on the location of your trucks D-loops(tiedowns) but on average it extends 12″-18″ past the tailgate.

The Trolley is a plastic roller tray. Rather than sliding, it rolls on a set of wheels with aluminum axles.

The Truck Trolley TT-2201 is designed to fit any bed size of any full size truck equipped with D-loops (tiedowns) in the four corners of the Truck.

The height of clearance needed (between bottom of toolbox and floor of truck bed) must be 10.5″ or greater.

Installation is quick and easy.  No tools are required.  

Unfortunately, we don’t have a model to fit midsize trucks/beds.  We are working on a few different sizes to accommodate.  Feel free to follow us for updates on our progress.


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